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If you are a parent or teacher, download this FREE flier and review these 10 WAYS TO PREVENT SCHOOL BULLYING with your children.

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Duration: 9day course/60min

Availability: Monday-Saturday

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Bullying Intervention Course

The Non-Violence Starts With Me, bullying intervention program is the answer for school administrators which solves the problem of how to stop school violence.During this intervention course work, students will be provided with resources and supports as well as engage in discussions and creative writing activities surrounding real bullying scenarios. Additionally, throughout the course work students will be taught interpersonal, collective, and self directed traits of violence, facilitated by a professional who is experienced in violence intervention.

During this instruction students will participate in an array of interactive activities examining behaviors that lead to aggressiveness while developing preventive measures to address them. Anti bullying programs teach students responsibility and helps to empower victims and bystanders. Some of the materials utilized during the intervention courses include multiple DVD activities, anger alternative games and roll play, creative writing resource book, and hands-on stress release supports.

We have programs for grade K-12. Contact us today if you are looking for an effective violence intervention program!