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Food allergy is a growing public health issue that impacts almost every school across the United States. Nearly 6 million children in the U.S. which equates to 1 in 13, or roughly 2 in every classroom-have a food allergy. Studies indicate that 16-18% of school-age children who have food allergies have had a reaction in school. In addition, in approximately 25% of the reactions that occur at school, the student had not yet been diagnosed with food allergy. For this reason, ALIVEntertainment Foundation Inc., has joined FARE in their mission to help create a safer envirornment for students with food allergies and increase awareness among the student body.

Food Allergy Awareness

Staff Training

Availability: Monday-Saturday

Fee: $75 per adult

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Student Assemblies

Two assemblies for lower and upper grades

(typically split K-2 & 3-5)

Duration: 45 minutes/Assembly

Availability: Monday-Saturday

Fee: $315/two shows

$175/one show

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Food allergy bullying can be physically dangerous, and it's associated with distress and a lower quality of life in children and their parents.This Food Allergy bullying prevention program is a result upon a study that showed that 1 in 3 kids with food allergies are bullied. Kids with food allergies are on the rise, almost 20% in the U.S. in just over a decade, with 5% of children allergic to foods such as peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, and shellfish, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease. This food allergy awareness program teaches kids the skills they need to stand up to bullies, recognize the signs and symptoms of allergic/anaphylactic reactions, give them tools to prevent exposure to offending allergens, while enjoying fun interactive games and learning activities. Available for grade level K-5.