Life Issues TestimonialsSubtitle

Very good! It gets the message out there to people

who are dealing with these problems and realizing that

God is the answer...- Paul

My god your videos are brilliant...nice stuff -Seanie

Great work..May God continue to Bless..-Rev. Patricia B.

We watched the other night. Great topics..-Yolanda D.

lLife Issues Drama Series


With a crime rate of 70 per one thousand residents, Buffalo has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes-from the smallest town to the largest cities. Unfortunately, it is our youth that contribute to these devastating statistics. For this cause, ALIVEntertainment produced, "Life Issues" Drama Series, to address many of the crime issues in Buffalo, NY.

"Life Issues", is a thought provoking show based on real life circumstances. This show is unlike any other show, offering an alternative to the sitcoms seen daily on television by delivering real hope. Life Issues is not only descriptive, but prescriptive. Not only is drama presented, but solutions are offered!

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