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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently lists 3,000 food additives approved for food use in the United States. However, while approved for human consumption, food additives may still threaten our health. In this course we encourage healthy eating among families by emphasizing not only the importance of eating balanced meals but by creating an awareness of food allergens, and certain harmful food additives and preservatives hidden in common foods.

Instead of asking, "What's for dinner?" Inquire to yourself, "What's in dinner?" and answer those questions by attending this Very Important and Informative Class!

...Also Learn Of Harmful food additives and Preservatives

Parents Choice Food Allergy Awareness Program

Duration: 90mins

Availability: Monday- Saturday

Fee: Contact Us to Inquire

This class is designed to inform parents of the many hidden food allergens, harmful food additives, and preservatives, added to the most common foods! We as parents make our greatest efforts to protect our family, but it is the lack of knowledge that is causing harm to many of our children! Americans spend about ninety percent of their food budget on processed foods, which, unlike whole foods, have been treated, stripped, altered, or refined in some way after being harvested or butchered.  Almost all of these processed foods contain additives, substances intended to change the food in some way before it is sold to consumers. Additives include flavorings that change a food’s taste, preservatives that extend its shelf life, colorings that change the way it looks, and dietary additives, such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other supplements. Packaging is considered an indirect food additive and, in fact, many kinds of packaging actually add substances to the food they enclose.

This class is essential for parents who have children with food allergies. We help to educate parents on various list of food allergies and unlikely foods that contain those food allergens. Also provided in this class is information on how to avoid food additives. This class is also fitting for those who simply want to know what are the processed foods and what food additives to avoid.

If your organization is interested in hosting a Parents Choice Food Allergy Awareness Class, contact us today!